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David Felix has been painting and continuously searching for challenging sources of inspiration for over 28 years. Venice, Paris, London Pub scenes, Caribbean landscapes and harbors, cityscapes of Providence and Boston are among the multitude of images that have inspired his paintings throughout his career. Although painting various local subjects tend to be his concentration much of the time, Felix enjoys traveling often because there are always opportunities to explore and discover new breathtaking and extraordinary vistas which provide challenges to his ever changing conventions of expression. Although Felix works in a variety of mediums, all of his work, regardless of the subject, is created with an underlying exploratory process that dominates his focus. He is continuously searching for the right balance of light, color and form to define and express the quality of his personal perceptive experience. By expanding his skills as a painter and combining imagination with observation, he continues to find greater freedom and facility in conveying the dramatic visual effects of atmosphere and light and how it can transform an otherwise ordinary scene into an extraordinary vision. Because of his concern for direct observation of nature, the depiction of light and shadow as color relationships, as well the tactile seductive quality of the paint surface, his paintings have always had a root in classical traditions and the impressionist movement. Felix was born in Tucson, Arizona, where he lived for twenty years there before moving to New England. He studied art at the University of Arizona for two years before transferring to the Rhode Island School of Design on full merit scholarship. He received his BFA in painting from RISD in 1980. Exhibiting in group and individual shows for well over two decades, his work has become increasingly popular. There is now a substantial and increasing number of his works in numerous private and corporate collections nationally and internationally. Felix is currently represented by the Copley Society of Boston and the Downey Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico.



I am fortunate to have the freedom to travel and paint what inspires me. My obsession is to capture the visual essence of the most dramatic and fascinating scenes I can find. It is my belief that the more powerful the inspiration, the more likely I will engage the viewer as long as possible. All of my paintings begin with an attempt to create a balance, where the paint quality, light and color is seductively intriguing, but only enhances the drama of the scene without detracting from the overall impact. I can only hope that the viewer will be as intrigued with the scene as I was when I painted it.